Dr. Peter caselitz

Dr. Peter Caselitz

Archäologie + Osteologie + Anthropologie + Informatik = Kulturgeschichte

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ad personamDr. Peter caselitz

zur deutschen FassungDr. Peter Caselitz 

born 1951 in Bremen. After studying chemistry and physics in Münster he switched to prehistory, anthropology and ethnology in Hamburg (important teachers F. W. Rösing, H. Ziegert, J. Jensen). For 5 years he was scientific employee at the University of Hamburg and responsible for editing the journal Hamburger Beiträge zur Archäologie. His Ph.D. dissertation on paleonutrition was published in 1986 in Oxford. He was member of several excavations in Germany, Greece, Egypt, Syria etc. and directed the excavations of some medieval cemeteries in northern Germany as well as for two years a large excavation in the center of Lübeck. His research focuses on the interdisciplinary overlap between archaeology and physical anthropology - osteoarchaeology, as he prefers to call it - population history of western and northern Germany, analysis of cremated bones and the computer-based analysis of ceramics. At present he teaches computing, he is the expert on osteoarchaeology in some federally funded projects, and he is a serve critic of mediocrity in university and science. His bibliography encompasses some onehundred titels. PC is editor of the series Studia Osteoarchaeologica and an executive editor of the former journal Archaeologia Atlantica. He is member of the editorial board of Homo and Archivio per l'Antropologia e la Etnologia.

from: K.W. Alt, F.W. Rösing und M. Teschler-Nicola (eds.): Dental Anthropology. Fundamentals, Limits, and Prospects, Wien und New York 1998: XIV-XV.

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